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Car shopping for a pre-owned car be stressful. The ClickIt team provides you with a FREE CarFax Vehicle History Report for every used car we have available for sale. In fact, we inspect every CarFax report before we buy any vehicle. It’s just one way we earn your business today and for years to come.


ClickIt Auto and RV Wandermere in Spokane is a CarFax Dealer

Verifying that the Used Car you want to take home has never been involved in an accident is important. We understand. You want the safest vehicle for you and your family. ClickIt Auto is family owned and operated. We appreciate how important your family is to the financial decisions you make. CarFax helps shoppers research and investigate the history of a used car to better understand where it has been and who has owned it previously. Offering it for FREE is just our way of showing our appreciation for the opportunity to earn your business.

CarFax digs deeper than other vehicle reporting services. When a vehicle is involved in an accident and sustains damage it loses hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Even when the vehicle is repaired and you would never be able to tell with the naked eye, the vehicle has lost value. Used Car Dealers, like ClickIt Auto, have tools, tricks, and the experience to identify previously damaged vehicles. Most consumers are at a disadvantage when it comes to identifying these indicators without CarFax.

History Based Value Tool

CarFax even provides a free tool on each Vehicle History Report that takes into account the specific history of a vehicle and how it affects the value of that used car. ClickIt chooses to eliminate vehicles with accident history from their Used Car Lot on Division in Spokane. Even with tools like this it is still impossible to gauge the severity of an accident. We don’t know if the accident was a 5MPH gentle fender bender or a new total side impact. As a result those vehicles are sold to those Used Car Dealers with lower standards.

What is included on a CarFax Report?

A Vehicle History Report includes eight sections that help Car Buyers better determine the quality and value of a vehicle




CarFax History Based Value Report

Overview showing the events that have affected this vehicles value.  The detail showing what drives these numbers is listed below.  Next is a high level view of where your used car has been and more importantly how it has been treated along the way.

Example Car Fax details(1)

Immediately following this graphic you will see the ownership history detail the length of each owner, the states they registered the vehicle and the estimated amount of miles they drove.  This helps ensure that the odometer was not turned back or adjusted along the way.  In the past, this was a significant problem for car buyers across the country.

Title History

This section of the report will highlight any alerts including but not limited to:

  • Salvage Title Status
  • Junk designation by the state of registration
  • Rebuilt Title Status
  • Fire, Flood, and or Hail Damage
  • Lemon Law complaints
  • Mileage exceeding mechanical limits

When vehicles have these alerts they typically DO NOT qualify for the CarFax Buyback Guarantee.

Additionally History

This is the section of the report where you will find more specific results like:

  • Reported as a total loss
  • Structural Damage
  • Airbag Deployment
  • Odometer Check
  • Accident Damage
  • Manufacturer Recall Not Performed
  • Basic Warranty

Detailed Hitory

This is section that provides the real nitty gritty details. It will follow your intended vehicle from original purchase through each step of its life. Titles and registrations issued from any state across America will appear. Vehicle Service reports will also show. That way you know when and where the vehicle was serviced, along with the odometer for each visit. If they were overdue for an oil change you will see that information here. Any accidents and damage will also be reported with a date and detail of that damage.

CarFax One Owner Used Car for sale at ClickIt Auto in Spokane(1)

Needless to say CarFax vehicle reports are the closest thing we have to a wayback machine. This is the best tool available for both Car Dealers and Car Buyers to guard against purchasing a damaged or low quality vehicle. The ClickIt team is happy to provide a report for every vehicle we sell.  Just click on the Car Fax image near any vehicle you are interested and it will take you directly to the Vehicle History Report.  And it’s FREE!

And if you have any outstanding questions, please contact us.  We don’t bite.

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