Popup Trailers vs Travel Trailer

May 25th, 2017 by

The pop-up tent trailer has become many families’ best friend when it comes to RVing. Somewhere between tent camping and a full travel trailer, the pop-up, also called a tent camper or fold-up camper, provides many of the same features found in a full-fledged RV, but with the add benefits of being lightweight for easy towing, compact for convenient storage, and affordable for those on a budget or who are just getting into the RV lifestyle. It is not hard to see all the benefits that the fold-up camper has to offer.


Clickit RV carries the Coachmen Clipper line of tent trailers which are extremely affordable, especially when compared to a travel trailer or motorhome. Prices range greatly depending on the features that you desire. Most new campers range from $10,000 to $15,000, but can be lower with manufacture incentives and sale discounts.


Since you can tow these with most small trucks and SUVs, once you get to your campsite, simply unhitch the trailer and drive your vehicle anywhere you would like to go. Because of their small footprint; most around 12′ closed, and 25′ expanded) they can fit into camp sites not accessible to larger RVs. Some models like the the Clipper V-Trec have reinforced suspensions so that they can go to off-road locations.


With many options available, you can have your pop-up equipped with all the features of a full-sized RV. Some models have self-contained bathrooms with a shower and toilet, air-conditioners, full kitchens, exterior storage boxes, heavy-duty platforms for transporting bikes, camp coolers, etc, and are even prepped for solar panels and cable TV. Most models include a heater, AM/FM radio, small kitchen with a sink, fridge and propane stove, beds and dining table.

Ease of Use

Most pop-up campers can be set up, including making the beds, in under an hour. Much easier than setting up a tentsite as all of your gear is stowed neatly inside. Most popup models incorporate an easy-lift system for raising and lowering the roof.

Protection from the Elements

Pop-ups offer you the freedom of camping outside with the security of being fully protected from the elements. The hard roof and waterproof sides provide total protection from rain. The windows unzip exposing mesh panels so when the weather is nice you can enjoy a pleasant breeze. For the ultimate protection, the Clipper C12RBST is constructed with hardside walls that raise into place to form an A-frame-design, and are fully insulated.

Easy Storage

When not in use, your pop-up camper folds into a compact box which allows you to store it in a garage or on the driveway and still have plenty of space for parking vehicles.

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